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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Resolution #1

I solemnly promise to do more, to do better, to buy from companies that value me as a customer and provide me with either "good" or "excellent" customer service.

MSN Money asked Zogby International to conduct an online national survey in which 3,012 randomly chosen respondents rated customer service at 150 companies from 15 industries. The response choices were "excellent," "good," "fair," "poor," "I haven't had an interaction with this company's customer service" and "not sure." The poll was conducted in late March 2010.

The 10 worst companies for customer Service in America:

No. 10: HSBC

No. 9: Citibank

No. 8: Wells Farg (arghhhhh I could tell horror stories!)

No. 7: Time Warner Cable

No. 6: Dish Network (well it's better than Comcast!)

No. 5: Capital One (yes, I owe them money)

No. 4: Sprint Nextel (sad, I was thinking of going back to Sprint in 2011, who will be my cell carrier now?)

No. 3: Comcast (yeah! I dropped this cheating lover in January)

No. 2: Bank of America (yes, BUT I'm special thanks to a relationship with a bank that was acquired by a bank that was acquired by BofA)

No. 1: AOL Seriously folks, still there???? WTF!

Top ranked companies for customer service are: Amazon.com, Trader Joe’s, Netflix, Apple, FedEx, Publix Super Markets, Southwest Airlines, United Parcel Service, Nordstrom, and Marriott International.

Check out this link, maybe you can find a company that provides YOU with better service than one you are using now.


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