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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carbonara al a Berkeley

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've been cooking, but moved from Oakland to Berkeley and just stopped writing things down. One of the big changes in the move is shopping. I'm living near a fabulous European-like North Rockridge area. Rather than schlepping a mile each way to the a supermarket, I have a fantastic butcher, bakery, produce market and wine store all lined up next to each other. I've never gotten such good food so easily before.

Moving has also created some changes in the ingredients I use most. Where Oakland showed me how awesome Collards can be, Berkeley is about kale and quinoa. So why is the blog titled "Carbonara al a Berkeley," well it's because it's loaded with KALE!

Carbonara al a Berkeley

serves 4 as a main course

1/2-pound thick center-cut bacon (2 slices per person)
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
Black pepper
1 bunch kale
4 fresh eggs, poached
1 pound Linguine
Shaved Parmesan cheese

The big WOW of this Carbonara recepie is the addition of nutrient rich kale and a POACHING the egg! Yummmmmm! The velvety texture of that fresh egg yolk spilling out onto the pasta is rich and delightful to the eye and to the taste buds.  The kale . . . well it counteracts the bacon making this a healthy one pot dish!

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